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During these uncertain times, we must prioritize the safety of our customers by providing a safe office environment.  We will be taking the following precautions:

  •  All staff and customers will have their temperature taken upon entering the office
  •  Hand sanitizer will be available in all offices/areas
  •  All areas and surfaces will be sanitized and disinfected frequently
  •  All customers will be required to wear a face mask
  •  All staff will be required to wear a face mask unless behind desk barrier

Most importantly, if you are sick or experiencing any symptoms, please stay home and contact us to reschedule or provide you with an alternative method. 

If you have an in-person tax appointment and are not comfortable coming in to the office, we can accommodate you.  We do encourage elderly and those with underlying health conditions to utilize this option.  Please let us know if you wish to elect an alternative option.

You may keep your appointment and speak to your tax preparer over the phone or through a virtual meeting.  You will need to provide your organizer and tax documents to Downing Tax and Financial no later than 1 week prior to your appointment.  We do understand some documents may not be available at the time of your appointment and can be sent after.  Downing Tax and Financial has the following tools available to accommodate you:

  •  Secure File Transfer – The new and improved document portal, eFileCabinet RUBEX allows you to securely share your documents with our office. This option eliminates the need to mail or hand deliver documents.  A mobile-friendly application is now available for download.  Please contact us or refer to our website for more information.
  •  Electronic Signature – This tool allows you to sign digitally through DocuSign. No need to print, sign and scan back documents or wait for snail mail. 
  •  Virtual Meetings – For those that wish to see their preparer and/or share their screen to review results, video conferencing is also available through Zoom.